translation and localization services for medical and financial companies 

My workflow consists of several stages - project preparation (reading the source text, identifying passages or terms that might need input from the client), translation (research client- and document-specific terminology, industry-related articles and websites), proofreading and fine-tuning (editing my own translation and having it checked by a native-speaker editor), and finalization (rereading the document post edit to make sure the text flows well to meet the expectations of the client and the intended audience). For software projects, I test the localized software in run-mode at the client site, or in my office by reviewing screenshots and reporting my findings.


I have worked as a project manager for a boutique translation agency in Vienna, as an in-house translator for a large medical company in the Chicago area, and for the last eighteen years as a solopreneur helping my clients in the medical and financial fields fulfill regulatory requirements and communicate effectively with their customers in foreign markets.